Christine Turknett

Creative Director & Principal Designer

Formerly Christine Turknett Interiors, Breathe Design Studio provides residential and commercial interior design, decorating, and styling services to help you create stunning and functional spaces that promote well-being. With respect to each space, I believe that every detail should function well, even if that function is to bring joy.

My process draws from the cerebral yet intuitive aspects of personal style and interior design. I love the juxtaposition of clean lines, cozy details, and calming colors. Underneath all of this is also my attraction to simplicity.

I have a passion for designing creative, collaborative, and welcoming spaces where folks can commune. In some ways, I feel like I didn't choose design but instead, design chose me - and this innate passion motivates me to go above and beyond for every client. Let our design studio help you create the space that you’ve always wanted and more.